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Loxahatchee Pond, Oil on Canvas 40" x 48" Collection of Stony Brook Hospital
Corwith Park, Oil on Canvas, 48" x 36"
Late Bloomers, Oil on Canvas, 48" x 36" Private Collection
Nature Trail, Oil on Canvas,  48" x 24"
Angry Ocean, Oil on Canvas, 60" x 36"
Portrait of Diane, Oil on Linen, 57" x 42", Collection of Diane Dolcourt
Montauk Harbor, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 20"  Collection of Bob & Diane Tolve
The Little Golfer, Oil on Canvas, 48" x 30" Collection of Sharon Ames
Bella, Oil on Linen, 22" x 14"  Collection of Brenda Reichelderfer
Clouds, Oil on Canvas, 48" x 30"   Collection of Linda Buckley
Birds, Oil on Linen, 14" x 18"  Collection of John DiPace
Inlet, Oil on Canvas, 34" x 22"   Private Collection
Pressed Lilies, Oil on Canvas,  48" x 30"
Day Lilies, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"
Private Collection
Yellow Flowers, Oil on Wood Panel, 8" x 10", Private Collection
Winter Squash, Oil on Canvas 14" x 14", Private Collection
Still Life With Grapefruit, Oil on Wood Panel, 18" x 24", Collection of Brenda Reichelderfer
Still Life With Violin, Oil on Linen, 20" x 28"
Hampton Housetop, Oil on Canvas,  30" x 30"  Private Collection
Bridgehampton Farm, Oil on Linen, 60" x 48"
Soul Mates 8"x 10" Oil on Canvas
Yellow Metronome, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"
First day of Omelet Class, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 12"  Collection of John DiPace
Jack, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 30"  Collection of the Artist
Three Sisters, Oil on Linen, 32" x 22"  Collection of John DiPace
Girl after Vermeer, Oi on Wood Panel, 5" x 7"  Private Collection
La Gioconda, Oil on Linen, 30" x 40"
Schadenfreude Oil on Gesso Panel 12" x 20" Private Collection
Lollipop Lips, Oil on Linen, 16" x 20"
Collection of Jan Mastropoalo
Schrodinger's Equation   Oil on Canvas, 84" x  48"